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Professional Interpreter

Experience in interpreting provides that essential skill set that education can’t trump. And yet, when an experience is multiplied by professional education, then a customer gets such interpreters as Yulia. With Master’s Degree in Translation and Court Interpreter Certification, Yulia is committed to provide seamless communication with ultimate accuracy and confidence. Flexibility and willingness to travel make Yulia a valuable asset to your business!
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We offer a wide range of services and provide complete client satisfaction

"Diverse portfolio of engagements allows me to work comfortably with various topics under different stress levels from heated international board meeting on oil and gas to bedside in an operating room, from long-term engagements with Federal Courts on international Maritime Law to a several-thousand attendees international conference on farming." - Yulia

We worked with Yulia on a number of Russian-English projects and we were extremely happy with the result. Yulia is a very professional and accurate translator. We strongly recommend her services.

Natasha Miroshnichenko, Russian London Ltd

I will defenately recommend Yulya for the Complex negotiations as we have. The board meeting was succesfull mostly due to free ideas and issues solve provided by the interpretor. Yulya you are great asset to the complicated negotiations we had.

Sergei Egorov, Raleigh, United States

«При осуществлении перевода для руководителя нашей компании в период его пребывания в Нью-Йорке, Юлия показала себя высококлассным и опытным специалистом, пунктуальным, внимательным к деталям и клиенту, чутким и честным, способным быстро реагировать на изменения условий. Выражаем ей огромную благодарность и благодарим за сотрудничество!»

Сергей Гильварг, “MidUral Group”, Екатеринбург, Россия