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yulia-wytheThere are a lot of bilingual people but to be a trustworthy translator/interpreter it is required to have professional education, in-depth knowledge of the working languages and cultures, strong personality factors, and keen understanding of a subject field you perform the translation in.
My career as a translator began in Russia where I was raised, inherited the culture, and received my initial education. I graduated from the South Federal University in Rostov-on-Don with a Master’s degree in Linguistics, specializing in Translation/Interpretation. I thought I had everything to be a translator. And only after I moved to the USA I realized that this is not enough to be a skilled translator/interpreter. My work was grammatically correct but clumsy and blindingly literal. I needed to continue educate myself.
Thousands of hours of practicing by performing translations on various topics, reading, and observing brought the results. Now I stand behind every document I translate and every conversation I interpret! I am proud of every linguistic product I produce.
Now my steady work load consists of:
– Interpretation for the court system in the State of Virginia
– Telephone interpreting (Social Security Administration, Insurance companies, Medical Facilities, FEMA, etc.)
– Translation of legal and financial (stock market, FOREX, corporate finances) documentation.

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